Dr. Tracey Naledi, Chairperson

Chief Director, Health Programs – Western Cape Department of Health

Tracey Naledi is the Chief Director for Health Programs in the Western Cape Department of Health, South Africa, previously the Director for Health Impact Assessment (HIA) that she established in the department. In her time working for the Western Cape Department of Health she was the co-chair of the Burden of Disease Reduction Project in the Western Cape focusing on understanding the social determinants of the burden of disease in the province and how the provincial government could respond to them.

As part of her current portfolio, Tracey is responsible for coordinating the development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of an inter-sectoral integrated service delivery model for Wellness for the provincial government of the Western Cape. Tracey’s interests include health systems strengthening, particularly strengthening the District Health System as a vehicle to deliver universal health care and addressing social determinants for the improvement of health outcomes.