Thokozile Mtsolongo

My name Thokozile Mtsolongo. I describe myself as an optimistic, driven, passionate and compassionate young individual of South Africa, with a keen interest to further develop and deepen my knowledge, experience and skills in the space of public health and its related parts

I am currently self-employed. I am in the process of registering an organisation that will focus on supporting youth from different communities across South Africa, through programmes that will mainly focus on educational development as well as youth health and wellness.

This is where I hope to make use of both interest and experience gained so far in the space of public health over the years.

My role in this organisation will involve developing and initiating programmes that are core to achieving the objectives of the organisation, as well as giving on-going support to own led initiatives by youth of those communities. I will also take on the responsibility of seeking out various forms of support to move forward and realise the mission and vision of the organisation. I enjoy working with young people, as well as their wider communities. There are various matters related to the health and well-being of youth in South Africa which cannot be divorced from the communities they live in that is of interest to me.

I also have a wider interest about community participation efforts in government spaces where important discussions take place that require community inputs – community participation in their legislature. However, the reality is that there is little/limited or no contribution from the communities whom decisions are made on behalf of.   More generally, I am also interested in various topics in public health which include: Health Systems, Maternal Health, Health Budgets/Public Resources Management, Rural Health, Health and Conflict, Health Infrastructure, Youth Health. As someone that enjoys life-long learning, I would like to obtain qualifications in the following in the near future:

  • Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation; Master’s Degree in Public Health;
  • Embark on PhD studies
  • (programmes that are more interdisciplinary in their design/ structure).