Stephen Ngcobo

I am a provincial manager of TAC Gauteng since 2012 November, coordinating and supporting the work of about 1000 members of different age groups, mainly, and of late, youth between the ages of 25 and 35. Though our office is centralized in Marshalltown, JHB CBD, where it shares space with national TAC, our main operations as the provincial office are in the townships, with 30 branches, where members of each branch -  between 20 and 120 people - meet, analyse, educate and mobilise one another on the state of health in the township the branch is based in. The members of each branch adopt a clinic as a focus area of monitoring and advocating for improved health systems. They do the same with an adopted school, although they are not necessarily limited to 1 school and /or clinic for youth friendly services - especially with regard to S.R.H.R related services. This happens across all 5 Gauteng districts. 

 After its last congress on the 24-26 of August 2017, TAC now works through 5 sectors made up of the members - the PLHIV sector, the Women Sector, the Youth Sector and the Men sector - to mobilize the community according to 2017-2022 HIV, TB and STIs NSP Targets and goals, from within and outside TAC, as TAC members are also part of their communities. TAC on its own is operating in 7 provinces, with the exception of Northern Cape and North West.

 I feel that the Men sector isn't yet well coordinated and mobilized on health activism; men are often not found in health facilities and in other social health activism but instead have an image of barbarism and are still regarded as very patriarchal, and to a greater degree this can be seen from young men and boys, especially in my province, being perpetrators of violence and sexism in various communities, ranging from hate crimes to femicide.

 After having done my project management diploma with Damelin, I wanted to continue with project management at UNISA, as it encompasses most of the relevant area of knowledge, and that can be applied across sectors. Due to too much work, the frustrations of correspondence and socioeconomic pressures, that was delayed but not put aside. I aspire to be a great project manager, both with activism and operationally.