Lufefe Nomjana

My name is Lufefe Nomjana. I identify myself as a Man, a Health Reformer, Social entrepreneur and Activist. 

I am the Founding Director of a social Enterprise called Green Health Innovations/Spinach King. I advocate for Nutrition, Food Security, women and youth employment in limited resource environments such as townships, to accelerate Healthy eating for all. I have also created 7 Micro farms in Khayelitsha township and recruited more than 20 local women and youth to operate the farms to ensure food security, women and youth employment. The gardens are directly supplying Spinach King Agroprocessing Bakery cafes for sustainability and a cross supply model.

 I am interested in developing a balanced diet that will work for a poor man in order to eradicate poverty, malnutrition, obesity and non-communicable diseases.