Sehlako Gilbert Moela

Sekhukhune Combined Mining Affected Communities, Monametse Village, Atok, Limpopo

I work for the community organisation called Sekhukhune Combined Mining Affected Communities, 85 km southeast of the provincial capital Polokwane, in the Limpopo province.

In my 6 years as an activist within human rights and social justice sector, the work I do is linked to the effects of mining operations by companies that violates people’s human rights, further contributing to social injustices.  

My team and I have managed to hold the mine in my area accountable for not adhering to their Social and Labour Plans, which are often used to channel the mine profits towards community development.

These plans’ goals were meant to offset mining negative impacts of both mining-affected communities and their employees. These negative impacts include land degradation which often results in mining community losing their farming land and also prevents them from exercising some of their social activities.