Mohamed Motala

Chief Executive Officer of TEKANO

Mohamed Motala is a social and economic justice development professional with many years of experience and knowledge, having worked in Government, trade unions and civil society organizations for the last three decades. Before joining TEKANO he was the Executive Director of the Community Agency for Social Enquiry, a research NGO that supported the public and development sectors by undertaking qualitative and quantitative applied research. He has postgraduate degrees in the built environment and the humanities, and has also researched and lectured on public policy at university level to Master’s level students. 

Mohamed is passionate about improving the lives of poor individuals and communities, in which he has worked directly all his adult life, through supporting organisations that communities and workers have built to improve their, and all our lives. He lives in Cape Town and works in Khayelitsha, a semiformal township located on the fringes of the city, and is fluent in local indigenous languages.