Norma Kok

Research, Evaluation and Learning Officer at TEKANO

Norma Kok has 10 years of experience in evaluation and research in the health sector. Her role at Tekano is to contribute to the success of Tekano by developing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation system, and support Tekano in continuous reflection, learning and improvement. This includes conducting and curating research, and writing briefing reports on all aspects of social determinants of health inequity, to feed into Tekano’s learning and advocacy materials.

She is passionate about seeing all people accessing healthcare, no matter who they are and where they live. She completed an extensive course on Comparative Healthcare Systems in the course of doing my MPH degree, and her obsession to see everyone accessing healthcare and receiving good quality healthcare has deepened from that moment on.

She hopes to resume her doctoral studies, which she had to stop due to personal reasons, but she will always remain an activist. She also hopes to complete her book on her late boyfriend, to honour him for all the support he gave her throughout the 12 years they were together.