This pamphlet briefly describes our vision, mission, values and what we offer. We also quote what some of the Fellows of the first cohort of the Fellows Programme said, our Theory of Change, our Team, Board members and where to read more about our work on Social Media - March 2019


The publication entitled “Towards Health Equity in South Africa: The Journey begins” is more than one story. It is a new journey for all of us - rich and complex with many influences. There are many role players – individuals, groups, professions, even whole communities – each adding to the range of perspectives, challenges and contributions.

The questions are many – and the solutions just as diverse. So how are we to share it with you in a few pages? …. In trying to answer What is Tekano? and What is the work that we do, we realised that the answer was rich and complex. We have attempted to answer it in a series of stories. We hope that this will give you a more nuanced perspective of the organisation and of its unfolding - March 2019


Imagine you were an Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa Fellow, based at Tekano.

This Programme Handbook 2019-20 handbook (a 33 Mb pdf file) will tell you more about what you will be reading and doing….

“You have been chosen as an Atlantic Fellow at Tekano because you are already a courageous, committed leader for social change. The Fellows Programme will further develop your leadership competencies for sustained, effective activism in government and in civil society. You will be learning, contributing and bringing lasting improvements to your communities and to the world. Our holistic approach recognises that we all bring our full selves, our communities and social identities, our histories and hopes and futures, into the practice of leadership.

Furthermore, in 2019/20, Tekano wants to:

• Ground you in the values and practices of collective leadership for health equity

• Build fellowship between you and other leaders for health equity

• Nourish your passion for lifelong learning on leadership for health equity.

   By the end of the programme, you will be more skilled at:

 • Collective, group-centred, activist leadership

• Strategic analysis of the sociopolitical economy to identify problems and inform interventions that promote social justice and health


• Implementing advocacy initiatives that build constituencies, alliances and social movements, and that effectively negotiate invited

and invented spaces between and within government and civil society.”