Vera Scott 

Programmes Director at Tekano

Vera Scott is responsible for overseeing, and guiding the development of the Tekano fellowship and alumni programme, as well as the learning and research it undertakes.

She is a health system activist, seeing this broadly to include advocating for improved health services, advocating for involvement of communities in participatory governance, and advocating for intersectoral action for health to address social determinants. She has done primary research on health equity, service provision and resource allocation since 2002. She has developed tools to improve access to quality HIV and TB prevention and care, which have influenced the design of provincial and national programmes. She also has a specific interest in maternal, women and child health. Designing teaching and learning on social justice in health has been another expression of her activist role, and which she is now pursuing further in her new work at Tekano. She is a lifelong learner - completed her PhD in 2015 and became an Associate Professor in 2017.